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Why not protect your investment?

Your home’s flooring represents a significant investment, one you took considerable time to consider and that likely costed a great deal of money. Why not protect that investment with regular, professional cleanings? Do you find that no matter how much you vacuum, your carpet still does not look and feel like it use to?

It is time to call Carpet Cleaning Pros at (386) 269-0002 and schedule professional carpet cleaning for your home.




Life of your flooring

Dirt and grime are destructive to carpets. These agents act like sandpaper and wear down the fibers of your carpet faster than it should.

Carpet Cleaning Pros’ cleaning services will clean your carpet in accordance to industry standards specified by all carpet warranties. Extend the life and look of your carpet.


Remove Pollutants. Carpeting and fabrics not cleaned and properly maintained have the potential to cause a variety of health problems inside the home and workplace.

Your carpet is gently but thoroughly deep cleaned with our rotary scrubbing and state of the art truck-mounted cleaning equipment to leave your carpet investment clean, spotless, odor free and healthy again. Healthier indoor air quality.


Maintain and protect the original look and luster of your carpet with regularly scheduled cleanings and repairs. Save time and money.

Carpet Cleaning pros’ goal is to make your carpets look and stay vibrant as long as possible, while using cleaning agents that are safer for you, your carpet, and the environment.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

Most carpeting manufacturers recommend a professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months depending on the type of style and warranty requirements. However, each cleaning situation is unique. Please review the chart below to see what cleaning schedule best fits your service needs.

Recommended Cleaning Frequency Guidelines by E.P.A

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released guidelines for the recommended frequency of carpet cleaning. The recommendations are as follows:

Traffic Soil Rating

Homeowner: Vacuuming

Homeowner: Spot Cleaning

Professional Cleaner: Heavy-Traffic Area Cleaning

Professional Cleaner: Restorative Cleaning

Light Soil

1 time per week

As soon as spots are noticed

Traffic areas every 12-18 months

Every 2 years per manufacturer warranty

Normal Soil (Families with children, elderly)

1-2 times per week

As soon as spots are noticed

Traffic areas every 6-12 months


Heavy Soil (Families with pets, smoking)

2-4 times per week

As soon as spots are noticed

Traffic areas every 3-6 months

2 times annually

Extreme Conditions (Large families, multiple pets)

Every day

As soon as spots are noticed

Traffic lanes every 2-3 months

4 times annually

This table is intended to serve as a guideline for recommended cleaning frequencies from a public health perspective. Originally published in a letter from the U.S. EPA, this schedule has been adopted as part of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification’s (IICRC). Carpet Cleaning Standard S001-1991. Complete copies of the IICRC Carpet Cleaning Standard can be obtained by calling the Institute at (360)693-5675. (From: U.S. EPA Letter, January 1989)

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